H8/H11/H16 Philips LED X-treme Ultinon Gen2-Pair


Suitable for FOG lamp applications where the original bulb is a H8, H11 or H16.

Get up to 250% brighter light for superior visibility
Fog poses real problems for drivers. Patchy, dense or somewhere in-between, it limits visibility and reduces the time you have to react to obstacles. To see more clearly, you need a powerful beam of light optimally directed to penetrate the fog without dazzling. The Philips X-tremeUltinon LED gen2 fog light provides up to 250% brighter light. Equipped with the same Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD LED chip that leading car makers choose, it cuts through the gloom to help you spot hazards earlier. That means you enjoy a safer, more relaxed drive.

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A True LED Foglight Bulb

Philips has once again pushed the boundaries of head light bulbs with the new H8/H11/H16 X-tremeUltinon gen2 bulbs.

How Did They Do It?

Philips have used unique OEM LED chips (Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD) which give a far superior light performance. This means that the light is directed exactly where it needs to be so no more dazzling on coming traffic, giving you the perfect beam pattern and light projection seen from those that have LED fitted as standard.

LED Benefits In Your Foglight

With up to 250% more light on the road what is not to like? These also run at 5800K which is a cool white light and close to daylight meaning no more eye strain from the dull yellow halogen light. With better vision and clarity, obstacles are more easy to spot which makes driving in the dark much safer.

Long Lasting

Not only will these LED car bulbs make your car a modern looking marvel they will likely outlast it. With their AirFlux heat management systems they dissipate heat more effectively meaning they are always running at the maximum brightness. Philips also claim these bulb can last up to 12 years! It’s finally time to leave behind the high performing, but, short lasting halogens of old and give these a go. They really are the future in car lighting

Philips OEM Standard

Most cars come factory fitted with Philips bulbs installed. With this in mind, why choose anything else? Getting the highest quality for bulbs is exceptionally important and Philips knows this. Its high precision aluminium casting, Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD Chips, and an Airflux ABS plastic heat sink makes a bulb that is pleasing to the eye, both in its’ form and function.